About David Hall |Artist|Designer|Illustrator

The natural world and the wonders therein have always been my main passion, finding ways to interpret and express these experiences via artwork and writing is a lifelong compulsion.

About David Hall Artist | Designer | Illustrator davidhallartist.info

David Hall |Artist|Designer|Illustrator

The complexity of design in nature and the seasonal interaction between plants, hedgerows and trees in the landscape alongside the animals that inhabit it are a continuous source of inspiration, compelling my pen to trace those relationships via my studies in the field and deliberating how to interpret them in the studio.

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Why I Do This

Compositions in the undergrowth are fleeting, and never the same twice, as wind, rain and seasonal change conspire to re-arrange the many mini-landscapes and the wider landscape in general.

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I feel compelled to utilise my studies into decorative\graphic forms, finding black and white in particular a good technique to emphasize the shape and form of structure that can be lost in a sea of green.

My Work

As a Designer\Illustrator I have taken on commissions for publication and designed exhibitions for a variety of ‘Heritage Subjects’. Manifesting imaginative images inspired by Literature, mythology and historic events is a particular pleasure.

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Morpeth Chantry, Bridge Street, Morpeth NE61 1PD. Gallery 45, Felton, Northumberland NE65 9PP. The Aln Gift Shop and Gallery, 57 Northumberland Street, Alnmouth, Northumberland NE66 2RJ. The Tower House Gallery, Collywell Bay Road, Seaton Sluice, Whitley Bay NE26 47N. Links Gallery, Dukes Walk Northern Promenade, Whitley Bay NE26 ITP.

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Though the giclee method of duplicating work allows superbly accurate renditions of original art, I miss the process of individual hands on printmaking I enjoyed in the past when having access to screen and other printmaking facilities. Stencilling allows me the challenge of adapting my designs to suit the distinctive disciplines of the craft in my small studio.

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I have accumulated reams of writing over the years, can’t seem to stop my hand from scribbling as I meander through the external environment and the inner landscapes of my mind. Some of it manifests itself in lyric, rhyme, or free verse, inspiring images or musical interpretation. I am gathering and refining versions of these endeavours which I hope, for better or for worse to put out in the world.


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Pages from The Fisherman and his Soul

The Fisherman and his Soul by Oscar Wilde. This has been a long ongoing project which I am determined to finish. Born of my love of decorative book illustration and the vivid imagery evoked by Wilde’s exotic narrative storytelling.

I have visualised 48 illustrated pages and developed most of the finished drawings along with some finished art. I hope to get a publisher interested when I am finished. I will up date new work and keep my site posted on progress.


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David Hall Artist Fisherman and his soul davidhallartist.info

On the go studio stuff


The Fisherman and his soul Page 41 davidhallartist.info
The Fisherman & his Soul. The Mermaid & the Dolphins web davidhallartist.info
The Fisherman pages 2 & 3 web davidhallartist.info
The Fisherman and his soul Page 35 web davidhallartist.info

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